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Yong Chen, Pui In Mak, Yumei Zhou, Mixed-Integrator Biquad for Continuous-Time Filters

IET Electronics Letters

vol. 46, Issue 8, pp. 561-563 Apr-2010
Sai Weng Sin, Seng-Pan U, R. P. Martins, A 1.2-V 10-bit 60-360MS/s Time-Interleaved Pipelined ADC in 0.18um CMOS with Minimized Supply Headroom

IET Proceedings - Circuits, Devices and Systems

vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 1-13 Jan-2010
He Gong Wei, U-Fat Chio, Yan Zhu, Sai Weng Sin, Seng-Pan U, R. P. Martins, A Rapid Power-Switchable Track-and-Hold Amplifier in 90nm CMOS

IEEE Trans. on Circuits and System II – Express Briefs

vol. 57, Issue 1, pp. 16-20 Jan-2010
Pui In Mak, Starting a New Team in Microelectronics Development – SWOT and New Initiatives

IEEE Potentials

vol. 28, Issue 6, pp. 34-36 Nov-2009
Jianyu Zhong, Yanyan Liang, Ye Liu, A Novel Denoising Algorithm for Electrocardiogram Signals Based on Slantlet Transform

Journal of System Simulation, pp. 6573-6576

Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, Design of an ESD-Protected Ultra-Wideband LNA in Nanoscale CMOS for Full-Band Mobile TV Tuners

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems – I: Regular Papers, Special Issue of ISCAS 2008

vol. 56, Issue 5, pp. 933-942 May-2009
Sai Weng Sin, Seng-Pan U, R. P. Martins, A 1-V 10b 40MS/s Pipelined ADC with Low-Voltage Circuit Techniques in 0.18um CMOS


pp. 1-7 Apr-2009
Tuna Tarim, Martin Di Federico, Pui In Mak, Circuits and Systems Education: Viewpoint of GOLD and Industry

IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, Special Issue on Circuits and Systems Education

vol. 9, Issue 1, pp. 42-48 Mar-2009
Pui In Mak, Explosive Growth Calls for More Mixed-Voltage Analog Integrated Circuits

IEEE Potentials

vol. 28, Issue 2, pp. 35-36 Mar-2009
Chon-Teng Ma, Pui In Mak, Mang I Vai, Peng Un Mak, Sio Hang Pun, Feng Wan, R. P. Martins, Frequency-Bandwidth-Tunable Powerline Notch Filter for Biopotential Acquisition Systems

IET Electronics Letters

vol. 45, Issue 4, pp. 197-198 Feb-2009
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