Interview with Teledifusão De Macau on 17 Nov 2022 (In Portuguese)

A team led by Vice Rector Rui Martins received the Macao Science and Technology Award for the development of the Digital Microfluidic System for Point-of-Care Nucleic Acids Detection. According to him, the research results came from the efforts of researchers in UM’s state key laboratory over the past ten years.

TDM – 19 September 2022 – [First Macau Citizen Receives Xplorer Prize] Prof. Pui-In Mak hopes to vigorously promote the cultivation of scientific and technological talents – [Source:TDM News]

Macao Daily – 31 July 2022 – Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin Promotes IC Encouragement Measures, Scholars Expect to Help Youths to Join the Industry

TDM – 31 July 2022 – UM SKLab hopes to increase the number of local students to join the chip industry– [Source:TDM News]

Introduction video of FDCT Key R&D Projects “Develop power-efficient high-resolution GHz range analog-to-digital converters in advance nanometer-scale technology” (produced by Pui Va Middle School)

TDM – 12 April 2022 – UM team develops wireless power transfer in hopes of industrialization – [SourceTDM News]

TDM – 13 April 2022 – The most “suitable” charging – [Source:創科世界]

Exmoo News — 20/09/2021 — “Guangdong-Macao in-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin” Focuses on IC Development; Pui-In Mak: Helping Macau to build a robust economy

UMTV — UM Members’ stories: Rui Martins

May 16, 2021 — CCTV News “Morning News”: Macau gives full play to the advantages of “one country, two systems” to jointly build an international technology innovation center in the Greater Bay Area

Prof. Pui-In Mak, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI (University of Macau): “The University of Macau and Hengqin are only separated by a wall, so we have a very convenient room for cooperation in the introduction of talents and technological collaborations. We hope that through our Laboratory, the experience accumulated in the field of innovation, and through the cooperation of Hengqin’s talents and resources, we can develop into a hub for IC innovation by combining the talents and resources of both places.”


TDM Talk Show, TDM – Canal Macau, 21 January 2021

The 7th Macau Industrial Products Show 2020 – [Source:TDM-Teledifusão de Macau, S.A.]

Interview with Teledifusão De Macau on 26 Sep 2020 (In Portuguese) – 2020年9月26日 – [Source:TDM]

The Secretary, Ao Ieong U, in the plenary session of the Legislative Council answer questions from Members – May 4, 2020 – [Source:GCS of Macau S.A.R.]

On research, the Secretary praised UM’s microelectronics:“UM microelectronics deserves a thumb up for not only the top in Macau, but also the leading one in the world”

TDM – February 28, 2020 – [Source:TDM Files]

TDM – February 27, 2020 – [Source:TDM News]

CTT – 20th Anniversary of the Reunification of Macao with the Motherland [Source]

Detail information of stamp issue

CCTV-13 News Channel – December 18, 2019 – President Xi Jinping’s Love in Macau. University of Macau: Scientific and Technological Achievements Help the Construction of the Greater Bay Area [Source:2019年12月18日 CCTV-13]

CGTN: Macao trades in casino chips for computer chips in high-tech transformation [Source:2019年12月16日 CGTN]

Shanghai Radio and TV Station – Macau Chip: Technology Shines in Macau

《湾区生活圈》之“湾区之澳”系列第五集“科技之柱” [来源:2019年9月22日 珠江频道-湾区生活圈]

Scientific Research Projects at UM : Digifluidic

Report by “Scoop” on Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) on 9 Aug 2019

Report by “Scoop” on Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) on 23 May 2019

Interview with Teledifusão De Macau on 8 Jan 2019 (In Portuguese)