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Digifluidic Biotech Ltd. is a young and dynamic biotechnology company founded in 2018.

With digital microfluidics as the core technology and automatic nucleic acid analysis system as the main product, Digifluidic is committed to developing precise automatic in vitro diagnostic equipment, whose application fields include medical disease diagnosis, animal and plant disease detection, health index detection, import and export inspection and quarantine, food safety detection, etc., which shows infinite possibilities in the future.

The nucleic acid detection equipment developed by Digifluidic at this stage has the characteristics of small size, easy to carry, simple operation and low cost. It solves the problems that traditional nucleic acid detection requires complex personnel operation and special detection sites. In the future, Digifluidic plans to cooperate with government agencies and scientific research institutions in different fields to develop various detection applications with different detection methods. In the medical field, Digifluidic aims to improve patient care, reduce costs and improve laboratory efficiency; in the non-medical field, Digifluidic aims to develop a variety of applications, improve people’s quality of life and efficiency, and provide greater driving force for the future development of precision, automation and miniaturization of detection equipment.