Prof. Sai-Weng Sin, Research Line Coordinator

The main objective of the research line is focus on innovations on high-performance data conversion and signal processing analog ICs, including those covering the most emerging applications e.g. 4G LTE, LTE-A, Ultra Low Power IoT devices, wideband (wirelined- or optical communication),etc. The following lists the key research interests:

• Power efficient data converters for portable and autonomous IoT system. The projects are based on the dynamic based circuits, like inverters, comparators, successive approximation register (SAR), binary search ADC etc. to achieve very low power consumption data converter implementation.

• Digitally-assisted / calibrated high resolution CMOS data converters for high quality video, cellular and data acquisition front-ends. This projects study the innovation that relies on the advanced scaling nanometer CMOS technology that bring the strong processing power of digital circuits, to assist the detection and calibration of the various analog circuit non-idealities like offset/gain errors, nonlinearity, various mismatch among different channels, etc.

• Oversampling noise-shaped sigma-delta converter for wireless applications. This project concentrates on the innovation techniques improving the noise-shaping performance in the discrete-time and continuous-time sigma-modulator modulator.

• Ultra wide bandwidth data converters for optical communications. This project investigates different techniques to extend the bandwidth physical limits in the data converter. The possible direction includes the interleaving with calibration or compensation of various mismatches, and utilize the time-based converters to take advantages of technology scaling.

• Application of data converters in various electronics application including sensors, power converters and navigation systems. This project focused more on the application aspect of the data converters. Current projects include the design of sensing interface for power electronics converters, and an accelerometer/velocity meter/position meter sensing analogsigma-delta front-end interface for navigation systems.