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Io-Wa Iam, Iok-U Hoi, Zhicong Huang, Cheng Gong, Chi-Seng Lam, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, Constant-frequency non-communication-based inductive power transfer converter for battery charging

IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (JESTPE)

Vol.10, no.2, pp. 2147-2162 Apr-2022
Pui In Mak, Jun Yin, Yong Chen, Man-Kay Law, R. P. Martins, 2020 Macao Science & Technology Award – Technological Invention – 1st Prize (Enabling Internet-of-Everything (IoE) Connectivity with Advanced Electronic Chips)

The Science and Technology Development Fund(FDCT)

Zhiyuan Chen, Man-Kay Law, Pui In Mak, Xiaoyang Zeng, R. P. Martins, Piezoelectric Energy-Harvesting Interface Using Split-Phase Flipping-Capacitor Rectifier With Capacitor Reuse for Input Power Adaptation

IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

Vol.55, no.8, pp. 2106-2117 Aug-2020
Jiao Zhai, Haoran Li, Ada Hang-Heng Wong, Cheng Dong, Shuhong Yi, Yanwei Jia, Pui In Mak, Chuxia Deng, R. P. Martins, A Digital Microfluidic System with 3D Microstructures for Single-Cell Culture

Microsystems & Nanoengineering (Nature Publishing Group)

(2020) 6:6 Jun-2020
Xiaopeng Zhong, Man-Kay Law, Chi-Ying Tsui, A. Bermak, A Fully Dynamic Multi-Mode CMOS Vision Sensor With Mixed-Signal Cooperative Motion Sensing and Object Segmentation for Adaptive Edge Computing

IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

vol. 55, no. 6, pp. 1684-1697 Jun-2020
Hao Guo, Yong Chen, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, A 0.082mm2 24.5-to-28.3GHz Multi-LC-Tank Fully-Differential VCO Using Two Separate Single-Turn Inductors and a 1D-Tuning Capacitor Achieving 189.4dBc/Hz FOM and 200±50kHz 1/f3 PN Corner

IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium

Shiheng Yang, Jun Yin, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, Chapter 24 Multiplying DLLs” in “Phase-Locked Frequency Generation and Clocking, Architectures and circuits for modern wireless and wireline systems

The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, United Kingdom

978-1-78561-885-7 May-2020
Nandini Viteea, Harikrishnan Ramiah, Pui In Mak, Jun Yin, R. P. Martins, A 1-V 4-mW Multiple-Feedback Differential-Folded Mixer Achieving 18.4-dB Conversion Gain, +12.5-dBm IIP3 and 8.5-dB NF

IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems

vol. 28, pp. 1164-1174 May-2020
Xin Lu, Man-Kay Law, Yang Jiang, Xiaojin Zhao, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, A 4μm Diameter SPAD Using Less-doped N-Well Guard Ring in Baseline 65nm CMOS

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

vol. 67, pp. 2223-2225 May-2020
Nandini Viteea, Harikrishnan Ramiah, Pui In Mak, Jun Yin, R. P. Martins, A 3.15 mW +16.0 dBm IIP3 22 dB CG Inductively Source Degenerated Balun-LNA-Mixer with Integrated Transformer-Based Gate Inductor and IM2 Injection Technique

IEEE Transactions on VLSI systems

vol. 28, pp. 700-713 Mar-2020
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