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The University of Macau (UM) and the Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau (IDQ-Macau), jointly donated ventilator prototypes to two African universities, namely Mandume ya Ndemufayo University in Angola and Pedagogical University in Mozambique. The donation ceremony was held at UM, where the consuls general of Angola and Mozambique in Macao, namely Dr Eduardo Galiano and Dr Rafael Marques, received the donated ventilator prototypes on behalf of the two universities.

The ventilator prototypes are the result of research collaboration between UM and IDQ-Macau on an anti-pandemic initiative to develop a low-cost and high-quality ventilator model as crucial medical equipment in the treatment and relief of respiratory diseases. Apart from the ventilator prototype, UM and IDQ-Macau will continue to provide technical training to engineering and medical professionals at the two universities to facilitate technology transfer and the development of other ventilator models.

According to UM Rector Yonghua Song, UM has been working to deepen its connections with institutions in Portuguese-speaking countries. He adds that UM is a member of various international associations, such as the Association of Portuguese Speaking Universities, through which it actively promotes the joint development of mainland China, Portuguese-speaking countries, and Macao. UM donated the ventilator prototypes to help Angola and Mozambique fight the pandemic and also to promote collaborations and friendships with universities in Portuguese-speaking countries.


Source: Global Affairs Office