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Lam Chi Seng, an associate professor in the University of Macau’s (UM) State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI, Institute of Microelectronics, and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering under the Faculty of Science and Technology, has been appointed an associate editor of the internationally renowned journal IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, through a rigorous review process by the editorial board of the Industrial Electronics Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Prof Lam is the first and only scholar from Macao to be appointed to this position.

IEEE Transactions on Industrial is a monthly peer-reviewed journal. Published by the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, it is a top Q1 journal in the Science Citation Index (SCI) as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and is ranked top in the field of power electronics. The journal covers a wide range of topics, including electronics, controls and communications, and the application of instrumentation and computing intelligence in industrial systems, such as power electronics and drive control techniques, system control and signal processing, fault detection and diagnosis, power systems, measurement and testing, robotics, as well as artificial intelligence in industrial systems, communications and computer networks.

Prof Lam is a native of Macao and an outstanding scholar of power electronics who received training at UM under the supervision of Prof Han Yingduo, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He has co-authored and edited four books and published more than 110 papers in journals and at conferences. He has received six invention patents in the United States and China. During his PhD study, he developed a current quality compensation device with a full-load efficiency of up to 98.8 per cent, which was put into use in Macao Water Supply Company Limited in 2014. In 2019, Prof Lam worked with Allwinner Technology Company to develop an ultra-low quiescent current DC-DC buck converter chip, which is very suitable for internet of things electronic devices. The chip’s measurement performance is comparable to that of similar products developed by Texas Instruments and Analog Devices.

In recent years, Prof Lam has formed a team with Prof Elvis Mak Pui In and Dr Huang Zhicong. The team provides guidance for undergraduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the studies of key technologies and applications of wireless power transfer. The team also seeks to find practical industrial applications for its research results in Macao and the Greater Bay Area. They have filed patent applications in the US and China for their wireless charging technique and are now exploring industrial applications for high-quality wireless charging systems. In addition, some final-year projects conducted by the undergraduate students under their supervision have been published by the internationally renowned journal IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (a Q1 journal in SCI). The projects have also won multiple awards in entrepreneurship competitions and project design competitions. The research projects above were funded by the Science and Technology Development Fund, Macao SAR (File no. 098/2005/A;109/2013/A3;120/2016/A3;025/2017/A1;SKL-AMSV Fund), UM’s research fund (File no. MYRG137(Y1-L4)-FST12-WMC;MYRG2017-00090-AMSV;MYRG2018-00020-AMSV), and Allwinner Technology Company.


Prof Lam has been recognised by leading experts and scholars in the international power electronics industry and appointed to the position of associate editor because of his fruitful research results and his experience in industrial applications. He is currently an associate editor of IEEE Access, a guest editor of the special issues of IET Power Electronics and IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II–Express Briefs, as well as the chair of the Power Quality Subcommittee of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.