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The Distinguished Lecture on “Nanofluidic Interfacial Memristor Imitates Synaptic Plasticy” will take place as follows:

Date: 23 February 2022 (Wednesday)

Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Venue: G013, Lecture Hall, Research Building N21, University of Macau


The speaker is:

Prof. ZHANG Pan, Assistant Professor , South-Central University for Nationalities


The Lecture is:

Nanofluidic Interfacial Memristor Imitates Synaptic Plasticy



By imitating the processing mechanism of the human brain, it has always been one of the important exploration directions for researchers to build a machine that is similar to (or even surpasses) the human brain, which can work efficiently and energy-saving. These efforts promote to induce artificial intelligence, brain-computer interface and other technologies. However, the transmission of signals in computers is completed by the movement of electrons and holes, and the carriers of biological signals in organisms are various ions. Because the carriers of signal transformation and transmission in computers and human brains are different, computers have not been able to perform well in imitating activity of the human brain. By exploiting novel transport phenomena such as ion selectivity at the nanoscale, it has been shown that nanochannel systems can exhibit electrically controllable conductance, suggesting their potential use in neuromorphic devices. This report will demonstrate that electrically manipulating the nanochannel conductance can result in nonvolatile conductance tuning capable of mimicking the analog behavior of synapses. This novel ionic device has great potential for applications in brain-computer interface or neuromorphic computing.



Dr. ZHANG Pan, PhD, assistant professor in South-Central University for Nationalities. He obtained his doctor degree in optical engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China in 2019, obtained his master degree in microelectronics at Peking University (PKU), China in 2015 and obtained his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering at HUST, China in 2012. After completing his PhD, he has been working as a research assistant at HUST for two years. Now he is an assistant professor in South-Central University for Nationalities in China and a visiting scholar at PKU.
Dr. ZHANG Pan’s research field focuses on BioMEMS, microfluidics and nanofluidics. He is highly experienced in micro/nano device design and fabrication. He has published 5 papers in journal including Nano Letters, Optics &Laser Technology, Microelectronic Engineering, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics and Optik, and published 8 conference papers including MicroTAS (Top conference in MEMS) and SPIE Advanced Lithography (Top conference in semiconductor industry).


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