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Dr. Wen-Liang Zeng (Steven), a doctoral graduate from the University of Macau’s State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI, Institute of Microelectronics, and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was awarded the “Young Investigator Award 2020” by the International Institute of Macau and the Macau Foundation, with his doctoral thesis “Design, Control and Analysis of Integrated DC-DC Converters for Low-Power Applications”, in which the award ceremony was held successfully on January 18, 2021. His winning doctoral thesis is under the supervision of Prof. Chi-Seng Lam and Prof. Sai-Weng Sin. Dr. Zeng is the only winner in the category of applied science this year, and also the only awardee in this category after 2016.

Dr. Zeng ‘s doctoral thesis developed four new high-performance integrated DC-DC converter chips, and published 7 SCI journal papers and 2 international conference papers. One of them co-worked with Allwinner Technology Company to develop an ultra-low quiescent current DC-DC buck converter chip, which is very suitable for Internet of Things electronic devices. The chip’s measurement performance is comparable to that of similar products developed by Texas Instruments and Analog Devices.