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On July 6, the “Fudan University-University of Macau Key Laboratory Seminar on Integrated Circuits” organized by the State Key Laboratory of ASIC and System was held in Jiangwan Campus of Fudan University. The workshop was attended by Director Liu Ming, Prof. Liu Qi, heads and researchers of all innovation centers, Prof. Hong Zhiliang and Prof. Ren Junyan from School of Microelectronics, Deputy Director Zhang Huijun from Research Base Division of Research Base, Director of State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI (University of Macau) Prof. Mak Pui In, Prof. Yin Jun, Prof. Chan Chi Hang, Prof. Chen Yong, Prof. Huang Mo and Dr. Zhou Bin, etc.

There were three sessions in this seminar, including the introduction of the key laboratories of both sides in the morning, as well as the presentations and exchanges in the afternoon. Both sides deepened the inter-laboratory cooperation through this meeting and reached a consensus on joint organized scientific research, after which in-depth cooperation will be carried out in academic research, scientific and technological research, talent training and other aspects.


Source: State key laboratory of application-specific integrated circuit and systems