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With the continuous support of the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) and the laboratory, the research team led by Associate Professor Lam Chi-Seng of the State Key Laboratory for Analog and Mixed-Signal Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuits and the Institute of Microelectronics has conducted a number of studies on the transmission efficiency, anti-offset performance, charging speed

A charging efficiency of up to 94% has been proved on electric go-karts, automatic guided vehicles for intelligent logistics and warehousing, electric motorcycles, etc. In addition, the team has developed a power quality compensator with advanced control technology, which will be applied in the Macao Water Supply Company Ltd. to improve power quality and save on electricity bills. The research outcomes of the team have been granted one US patent and are applying for four Chinese invention patents.

The research team has founded a company named Smarmac Technology Company Limited in Macao, which is committed to industrialise locally developed power electronic systems for application in various scenarios.

The team believes that renewable energy generation, power charging for electric vehicles and smart electric devices, and related systems are becoming increasingly popular, with wireless charging systems being the focus. However, these new systems would aggravate problems such as electric power transmission and distribution losses in the grid and increased costs, overheating of electrical equipment, and reduced service life. Through research and development of advanced electronic circuits and control technologies, the performance of power quality compensators and wireless charging systems can be effectively improved.

Source: Macao Daily News