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Siyuan Yang, Songyi Li, Jiayan Wu, Yong Chen, and Zhenyu Liu, An accelerated architecture of change-point detection for FMCW radar mutual interference based on FPGA

International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications

2021; 1-14. doi:10.1002/cta.3127 Jul-2021
Mo Huang, Yan Lu, Tingxu Hu, and Rui P. Martins, A Hybrid Boost Converter With Cross-Connected Flying Capacitors

IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

vol. 56, no. 7, pp. 2102–2112 Jul-2021
Zihao Zheng; Lai Wei; Jorge Lagos; Ewout Martens; Yan Zhu; Chi-Hang Chan; Jan Craninckx; Rui P. Martins, A 3.3-GS/s 6-b Fully Dynamic Pipelined ADC With Linearized Dynamic Amplifier

IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

Early Access Jul-2021
Zhaobo Zhang, Chenchang Zhan, Man-Kay Law, Yang Jiang, Pui-In Mak, Rui P. Martins, A High-Efficiency Dual-Antenna RF Energy Harvesting System using Full-Energy Extraction with Improved Input Power Response

IEEE Open Journal of Circuits and Systems

vol. 2, pp. 436–444 Jul-2021
Chuang Wang; Yan Lu; Rui P. Martins, A Highly Integrated 3-Phase 4:1 Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converter With Parasitic Loss Reduction and Fast Pre-Charge Startup

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs

Vol.68, No 7, pp. 2608-2612 Jul-2021
Chi-Seng Lam, Kim-Fung Tsang, IEEE Macau Section IES Chapter 2020 Postgraduate Paper Contest [Chapter News]

IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine (IEM)

vol. 15, no. 02, pp. 84 – 85 Jun-2021
Huihuang Wu; Yueming Gao; Jiejie Yang; Mangi Vai; Min Du; Siohang Pun, Development of a Photoelectric Adjustment System With Extended Range for Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay Strip Readers

IEEE Photonics Journal

Vol.13, no. 3, Jun 2021 Jun-2021
Yerzhan Mustafa, Han Yin, Yan Lu, and Alex Ruderman, Constrained minimization of switched capacitor converter equivalent resistance by adjusting transistor sizes and duty cycles

Microelectronics Journal

vol. 112, p. 105061 Jun-2021
Tianxiang Wu, Jipeng Wei, Hongquan Liu, Shunli Ma, Yong Chen, and Junyan Ren, A Sub-6G SP32T Single-Chip Switch with Nanosecond Switching Speed for 5G Communication in 0.25-μm GaAs Technology


10, 1482 Jun-2021
JiuJiang Wang , Xin Liu, YuanYu Yu , Yao Li , ChingHsiang Cheng , Shuang Zhang , PengUn Mak , MangI Vai , SioHang Pun, A Review on Analytical Modeling for Collapse Mode Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer of the Collapse Voltage and the Static Membrane Deflections


Vol.12,no. 6,pp 714 Jun-2021
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