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Man-Kay Law, A. Bermak, Howard C. Luong, 低電壓低功耗亞閾值電路 CMOS 溫度傳感器

Granted Number: 201110141653.8

Chinese Patent

Man-Chung Wong, Chi-Seng Lam, Wai-Hei Choi, Control strategy of adaptive dc-link voltage controlled LC-VSI device for reactive power compensation

Granted, No. 201210051133.2

Chinese Patent for Invention

Zhicheng Lin, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, IF-Noise-Shaping Transistorized Current-Mode Lowpass Filter Utilizing Cross-Coupled Transistors

Application Number: 14/255,087

US Patent

Zhicheng Lin, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, Complex-Pole Load Offering Concurrent Image Rejection and Channel Selection

Granted number: No. 9,237,055

Application number: US 14/254,318

US Patent

Wei-Han Yu, Chak-Fong Cheang, Ka-Fai Un, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, Non-Recursive Digital Calibration for Joint-Elimination of Transmitter and Receiver I/Q Imbalances with Minimized Add on Hardware

Application, No. 14/226,032

US Patent

Sai Weng Sin, Li Ding, Yan Zhu, He Gong Wei, Chi Hang Chan, U-Fat Chio, Seng-Pan U, R. P. Martins, Franco Maloberti, Analog to Digital Converter Circuit

Granted Number: 201242261

Application Number: 100107757

Taiwan Patent

He Gong Wei, U-Fat Chio, Sai Weng Sin, Seng-Pan U, R. P. Martins, Delay Generator

Granted Number: 201246793

Application Number: 100116148

Taiwan Patent

A. Bermak, Chao Shi, Man-Kay Law, Method and Apparatus for Energy Harvesting using CMOS Sensor

Granted Number: 8,629,386

Application Number: 12/711,034

US Patent

S. Fraden, Yanwei Jia, H. Boukellal, S. Selimovic, A. Rowat, J. Agresti, D. A. Weitz, Manipulation of Fluids, Fluid Components and Reactions in Microfluidic Systems

Granted Number: 8592221

US Patent

U-Fat Chio, He Gong Wei, Yan Zhu, Sai Weng Sin, Seng-Pan U, R. P. Martins, Franco Maloberti, Cascade Analog to Digital Converting System

Granted Number: 8,466,823

Application Number: 13/198,856

US Patent

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