Ka Meng LEI

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Ka Meng LEI
李家明 Ka Meng LEI
Year of Graduation: Sep 2016
Ph.D. Dissertation: Handheld CMOS-based NMR devices for biological/chemical diagnosis
Current Appointment: Assistant Professor in the State Key Lab of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI, UM, Macao
  1. Ka Meng Lei, Scientific and Technological R&D Award (PhD Student), Macau Science and Technology Award 2016


  1. Ka-Meng Lei, Pui-In Mak, Rui P. Martins, Startup Time and Energy-Reduction Techniques for Crystal Oscillators in the IoT Era

    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs

    vol. 68, no 1, pp. 30-35 Jan-2021
  1. Ka Meng Lei, Pui In Mak, Rui P. Martins, A 0.45-V 3.3-µW Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor Achieving 10mK Resolution in 65-nm CMOS

    4th IEEE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Technologies & Applications, pp 127-128,

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