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澳门大学荣誉博士讲座 「探索(微)电子学的精彩旅程」将于以下日期举行:



地点:澳门大学刘少荣楼 E4 汇丰演讲厅 G062

讲者:义大利帕维亚大学荣誉教授 – 佛朗哥‧马洛贝尔蒂教授




Fifty-six years ago, I started my long journey: my master’s degree advisor, a physicist working on nuclear magnetic resonance, asked me to design a lock-in amplifier, a circuit I made with electron tubes and a 200 V supply voltage. At that time, the bipolar transistor was a novelty; it was just used in portable radio produced in 1955 by Totsuko, then renamed Sony. A couple of years after my graduation, I published my first paper on the stability of gallium arsenide amplifiers. Then, I worked on noise in electronic devices, and after ten years, I landed at analog integrated circuits, studying switched capacitor filters. Since then, several hundred articles dot my microelectronics journey. The published papers are so many that I don’t remember the details of all of them. So, I made a retrospective review of them, and I have found some that I consider curious or interesting, especially in the first period of my activity. A short description of those innovations is the background of my thinking on the scope and beauty of doing microelectronics research, a combination of discovering something new and contributing to human prosperity. Frankly, the first part of my journey was really amusing because it was like diving in the woods instead of driving on a highway.



Prof. Franco Maloberti received the Laurea Degree in Physics (Summa cum Laude) from the University of Parma, Italy, in and the Dr. Honoris Causa degree in Electronics from the Inaoe, Puebla, Mexico. He was a Visiting Professor at ETH-PEL, Zurich, and at EPFL-LEG, Lausanne. He was the TI/J.Kilby Analog Engineering Chair Professor at the Texas A&M University and the Distinguished Microelectronic Chair Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Pavia, Italy. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Macau, China SAR. His professional expertise is in designing, analyzing, and characterization integrated circuits and analog-digital applications, mainly in the area of switched capacitor circuits, data converters, interfaces for telecommunication and sensor systems, and CAD for analog and mixed A-D design. He has written more than 600 published papers, ten books and holds 40 patents. He is the Chairman of the Academic Committee of the AMSV State Key Lab., Macau, China. He is the IEEE Division I Director. He was the President of the IEEE CAS Society (1015-16), VP Region 8 of IEEE CAS (1995-1997), Associate Editor of IEEE-TCAS-II, President of the IEEE Sensor Council (2002-2003), IEEE CAS BoG member (2003-2005), VP Publications IEEE CAS (2007-2008), DL IEEE SSC Society (2009-2010) and DL IEEE CAS Society (2006-2007; 2012-2013). He received the 1999 IEEE CAS Society Meritorious Service Award, the 2000 CAS Society Golden Jubilee Medal, and the IEEE Millenium Medal. He received the 1996 IEE Fleming Premium, the ESSCIRC 2007 Best Paper Award, and the IEEJ Workshop 2007 and 2010 Best Paper Award. He received the IEEE CAS Society 2013 Mac Van Valkenburg Award. He is an IEEE Life Fellow.